The Weather Company and Watson have teamed up to bring you Now, for the first time ever, you can have an intelligent, two-way conversation with brands in an ad. Your favorite brands can help you prepare a new meal, shop for the perfect shoes, find your dream car...even relieve allergy symptoms. When you chat with Watson Ads on The Weather Channel App or, you never know where the conversation might go.

The Art of Good Conversation


Watson Ads is trained (not programmed) to listen to questions that are unique to you.


Watson Ads thinks fast before it gives you a thoughtful reply.


Watson Ads delivers a personalized response that is natural and intuitive.

Breaking The Ice Is Easy

Look for on all Weather Company sites and apps, and beyond. Simply push the button, talk, or type. And await your personalized response.

Campbell's Demo

Here’s what we cooked up with Campbell’s to help families create totally new recipes, inspired by their local forecast.   Try it!

Country Crock Demo

Check out some freshly baked recipe ideas with Watson and Country Crock. Let's get cooking!  Try it!

Swanson Demo

When Watson and Swanson team up, the table is set for creative new recipes everyone will love.  Try it!

Hellmann’s Demo

Watson and Hellmann’s are putting a new twist on family favorites. What dish will you reinvent?  Try it!

Theraflu Demo

Find answers to your flu and cold questions and get savings with Watson and Theraflu.  Try it!

Flonase Demo

Runny noses can run, but they can’t hide! See what happens when Watson and Flonase go up against seasonal allergies.  Try it!

Toyota Demo A

Watson and Toyota Prius Prime are paving the way for the future of car talk.  Try it!

Toyota Demo B

With Watson in the driver’s seat, you can explore Toyoto Prius Prime like never before.  Try it!

Watson Ads Is Already Talking With These Great Brands

Country Crock
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